Norwegian biometric card firm Zwipe, whose product can harvest NFC technology for power, has revealed that its product is in the final stages of preparing the supply chain set.In a Q3 report, the company stated that Zwipe has seen continued progress in multiple tests with leading banks.Following these tests and continued optimisation of the inlay of the card, the firm is now entering the final stages of rollout preparations.Alongside the progress in the payment card, the company has also sold 1,000 access cards to a governmental immigrations management program, the statement notes.At the end of October, Zwipe revealed that it had entered an alliance with Chinese tech group Kuang-Chi Group, saying it will help Zwipe establish a presence in Asia.Zwipe said the joint venture will create commercial platform in China for Zwipe's biometric authentication cards, which harvest power rather than needing batteries. Kuang-Chi invests in disruptive innovations worldwide including technology applied to aerospace, near space exploration, internet banking as well as the security industry.Two of the group's subsidiaries are listed companies that invest in cutting-edge technology concepts that are in the development and/or initial commercialization phases. “This joint venture confirms our strong position in the rapidly evolving biometric sector” said Kim Kristian Humborstad, CEO and founder of Zwipe. “Establishing this joint venture extends the strong cooperation with Kuang-Chi and amplifies our go-to-market strategy for our product portfolio towards the Chinese market. Our technology is currently implemented in cards, for payment, access control and government ID, and in China we see considerable interest for all three segments.”