Zighra, the AI-powered continuous authentication and threat detection company, announced today that the 'on device' version of its platform now supports FIDO authentication, including the emerging FIDO2 protocols. With the implementation of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Zighra's adoption of FIDO Alliance standards is well timed to help businesses comply. Zighra extends the FIDO vision of “privacy by design” by bringing natural behavioral authentication with their patented device side solution. AI and machine learning algorithms run entirely on-device – creating unique user profiles – the way a person types, swipes, taps and holds their phone, to verify a genuine user from a fraudster. The AI engine continuously learns and adapts over time. Users conduct their mobile and web transactions, while Zighra automatically leverages their natural behavior patterns to silently authenticate behind the scenes. The user does not have to take action to authenticate, fostering a friction-free experience while ensuring that no data ever leaves the owner's device.”Our on device behavioral authentication brings the best of both worlds – a friction free user experience while complying with FIDO's robust decentralized authentication framework bringing a new level of privacy control compared to traditional methods,” said Deepak Dutt, CEO of Zighra. “By offering device-side authentication, our alignment with FIDO standards empowers customers to have choice and control over who accesses their personally identifiable information, in conjunction with the GDPR mission. This decentralized model removes the security risks associated with storing data in one central store, a core issue in today's breach history.”Financial institutions and other FIDO-enabled enterprises can seamlessly add behavioral biometrics to their authentication services when their FIDO Alliance platform provider integrates Zighra. Customers can then enjoy the convenience of silent and invisible authentication.