Biometrics software and solutions provider Aware has drafted a comprehensive White Paper on the promise of cloud-based biometric identity proofing and authentication offered as services in larger markets.The paper outlines how “Biometrics-as-a-Service” offerings could make robust identity fraud prevention truly universal, in a similar way to how SaaS has changed the landscape of enterprise software.”The nature of the services will vary; they might be public cloud-based or run on a single private server; they might include only biometric search and identity proofing or authentication; they might be based on a particular biometric modality. But they will change the landscape of high-performance biometric search and match,” writes the Aware paper.The paper relates case study information on how, as the largest provider of digital certificates in Brazil, the domestic firm Certibio is offering biometric identity proofing and authentication services to its customers, which might include banks, government agencies, retailers, or any other type of business that wishes to biometrically verify the identity of its employees and/or customers.By consuming these as services, Certibio customers avoid an upfront investment in biometric enrollment and matching equipment and software as well as the risk and costs of future maintenance and obsolescence.You can download the complete White Paper using the link below.