The European Commission is inching closer to unveiling the interoperable European Digital Identity (EUDI) Wallet Solution for all Europeans accepted by member states.

The webinar digs deep into the recently published Architecture and Reference Framework (ARF) by the European Commission which has raised some eyebrows and generated many interpretations of the wallet framework within the digital identity community.

Intesi Group (Viky Manaila) and Gen (Andy Tobin) participated in conversation with one of the co-authors of the ARF – Peter Altmann, on “Demystifying the EUDI Wallet Architecture Reference Framework”.

The webinar affirms the standards around the implementation of the EU digital wallet, which should be certified and every provider certified and listed however highlights the lack of public availability and mature standards and technical specifications to implement acts.

Each member state has autonomy over selecting and endorsing a EUDI wallet solution that suits their use case needs and the architecture reference framework, which aims to enable large scale pilots and widespread applications, recognises that no one solution can satisfy specific member states’ needs.