Australian biometric firm Wavefront has filed a provisional patent application over new tech it has developed as part of a phase two research programme.Wavefront's solution authenticates a user's identity by using the pattern of light reflected from the contour of the tear film on the corneal surface in the eye.The new patent application is entitled “Multi-Biometric Authentication” and builds on the original corneal authentication patent.”It uniquely combines the features of the cornea with key features of the iris utilizing a single sensor to capture multiple features of the eye”, said parent company Nemex Resources in a statement.Wavefront says its biometric technology has potential applications across numerous sectors, with initial plans for commercialisation in the mobile-online banking and data security sectors. The company is aiming to develop a hand-held platform to offer mobile identity authentication.In phase two of development, Wavefront is focussing on improving the performance of the handheld unit, enhancing design of the unit; and commencing initial commercialisation discussions.In an interview with the Financial Times last September, Wavefront's head of R&D, Stephen Mason, said scans of people's tears were “the world's first one-time biometric pin”.Nemex Resources' asset portfolio has historically comprised interests in both the minerals and technology sectors. Wavefront has designed a three-phase development program with the objective of adapting its technology to a miniaturised, mobile device and demonstrating high level performance.