The IT services arm of South Korean tech giant Samsung on Monday unveiled a new biometric security and payments solution that has been developed with FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance standards in mind.Samsung SDS said that it is developing a biometric payment system with South Korean payment gateway providers KG Inicis and KG Mobilians, but with a global rollout also in the works. But that its security platform is extendable to all devices that need user authorization”This is one of the biggest milestones for us in terms of business diversification,” said SDS spokesman Kim Tae-hyun. “This system will be applied to all devices that need to receive user authorization such as smartphones, vehicles, IoT-based devices, door locks, smart homes, shopping, transaction and financial products,” Kim said. “All corporate clients in those areas are our potential customers.”Samsung SDS said the solution can use fingerprint-, iris-, and voice-recognition technology for authentication.The biometric authentication solution has received certification from FIDO, the company said, which will allow it to expand the business globally. “OTP will be replaced by FIDO-approved methods. FIDO-backed biometric authentications will become the de facto standard of the future,” said the spokesman.Upcoming Samsung Electronics devices will be managed by the biometric security platform. Samsung SDS plans to put the solution on its intranet ― mySingle ― in the first half of this year. It is also establishing a global management center for the operation of the solution.