Australian firm Wavefront Biometrics, which is developing biometric technology that uses pattern of light reflected from the contour of the tear film on the corneal surface, has said it will complete testing of its solution in 2016.The work is being conducted at the International Centre for Biometric Research at Purdue University in the US, and aims to validate the results of the internal performance testing previously completed by Wavefront and its consultants.The update was revealed by Nemex Resources, a mining firm which has a 40% interest in Wavefront Biometric Technologies.”Whilst this multi-modal biometric technology is considered as providing a unique solution to human biometric identification, further improvements are required in order to create a competitive product in the rapidly evolving mobile (self-acquisition) market,” wrote the Nemex statement.Wavefront's short-term plans include further significant miniaturisation and performance and usability improvements through enhanced software and algorithm development, added the investor statement.