UK-based fingerprint solutions firm Warwick Warp has announced a successful deployment of their AFIS Core Matching Engine though their partner Forensic Comparison Software Company.In a statement, Warwick Warp said the fingerprint matching technology is made available as Software Development Kits (SDK) and addresses the requirements of specific markets such as: AFIS, police (latent prints) and standard LiveScan applications (access control etc.). This will enable integrators and developers to incorporate highly accurate fingerprint matching into their solutions.Li Wang, CEO, Warwick Warp, comments, “We are delighted that our technology has enabled the development of Forensic Comparison Software and we look forward to continuing our collaborative working relationship in the future.”Founding Director of Forensic Comparison Software Company, John Moloney, comments, “By partnering with Warwick Warp we have been able to deliver innovative solutions to our clients. Powered by Warwick Warp's innovative Core Matching Engine, we have recently implemented the first National AFIS in The Republic of Djibouti. Preliminary results were excellent with matches recorded within 5 seconds on a database of 20,000 records. Forensic Comparison Software has a capacity of 50,000 records, which will provide The Republic of Djibouti capacity for 10 years at the current rate of expansion.”John continues, “By partnering with Warwick Warp for the provision of AFIS Core Matching Engine, it has enabled us to focus our efforts on further product development, such as state of the art analysis, comparison, enhancement, and charting tools for which we have become known.”