Vision-Box has unveiled a new integrated Biometric Exit solution which allows border authorities to collect the necessary information to assist in identifying persons of interest based on accurate identity verification and rules-based monitoring of travel patterns.The company says: "With the tremendous growth of the number of travellers and national entry and exit points, many countries are vulnerable to illegal immigration, identity fraud, smuggling, or trafficking. All the while legitimate travellers line up in long queues to get to their families, reach their holiday destination or to get to their business meetings. At a time when security threats haunt international borders around the world, one of today's greatest challenges is to find a pragmatic balance between security and facilitation."An effective immigration system requires an end-to-end process that collects exit data and correlates it with entry data. The goal is to ensure that a traveller cannot depart using someone else's identity or have someone depart on his or her behalf. Without biometrically verified exit data, there is no meaningful way to accurately determine whether foreign nationals have overstayed their visa. The challenge is to collect and match relevant data in a reliable and efficient manner."Exhibiting at Connect:ID, in Washington DC, Vision-Box has unveiled an integrated Biometric Entry-Exit system which it says allows border authorities to efficiently collect the necessary information to assist in apprehending illegal immigrants and over stayers based on accurate identity verification and rule-based monitoring of travel patterns. The system features an orchestration platform connecting different land, air and sea border immigration systems with self-service touchpoints for biometric verification at every national Entry-Exit point.According to Vision-Box, an Entry-Exit system is only as strong as its weakest link. As such, the physical touchpoints used by passengers must comply with appropriate specifications. It adds: "The most recent self-boarding gate technology launched by Vision-Box paves the way for the highest standards in on-the-move matching accuracy and efficiency against biometric systems of record while adhering to pragmatic security protocol focused on facilitated travel. In the new paradigm, the creators of the first eGate in the world have taken it to the next level, seamlessly merging previously disparate processes into harmonised, efficient passenger facilitation with the benefit of biometric authentication."The successful future of integrated border control relies on stakeholders' collaboration, engaged in the joint management of a privacy responsible ecosystem with the passenger at the epicenter, guaranteeing a sustainable, safe and effective entry/exit process, unleashing the power of biometrics to the next level," says Jean-François Lennon, vice president for Global Business Development and Sales of Vision-Box.