VeriTrans, a payment service provider and subsidiary of Digital Garage, will provide a facial recognition payment service with NEC Corporation for a cashless payment proof of concept conducted by 7-11 Japan.The facial recognition payment service, combined NEC's facial recognition payment solution with VeriTrans' credit card payment service, is a payment solution that can be used for a wide range of applications.This proof of concept is to verify whether facial recognition payments reduce customer stress and improve convenience while paying, to create pleasant shopping environments for both cash-based and cashless payments.Targeted at a part of SEVEN-ELEVEN employees, this proof of concept will be held at “SEVEN-ELEVEN Kojimachi Ekimae Store”. Participating employees enter the user's information into a facial registration app for consumers in advance, including facial data, credit card information and confirmation code. Two-factor authentication by facial data and confirmation code is performed with the self checkout station, and the payment is completed with credit card information linked to the user ID.Facial recognition improves convenience via speedy payments that require no special tasks on a smartphone or other device. Also, users can securely use the service as it requires two-factor authentication, combined with the usage of confirmation code.VeriTrans is providing cashless facial recognition payments, including credit card payment service and “One-click continual charge function,” which enables users to pay with only their user IDs that are generated when registering facial data. Users can use this service by linking their IDs and credit card information.