The National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST, considered the world’s most prestigious biometric engine evaluation body, announced the results of its latest evaluation of facial biometric engines on Wednesday, March 15th. This evaluation once again placed Veridas among the elite of facial biometric engines, achieving fourth place among nearly 150 algorithms submitted.

Veridas achieved its best result in the most demanding category possible: the one in-many (1:N) evaluation with a sample size (N) of 12 million. Specifically, the Veridas engine achieved a False Negative Identification Rate (FNIR) of 0.0232 for a False Positive Identification Rate (FPIR) of 0.001.

This means that when looking for a known subject in a database of 12 million records, Veridas’ engine brings the right target as the first candidate 97.68% of the time. The biometric facial engine that achieved this result is the one already available in production to more than 250 Tier 1 customers Veridas has in more than 25 geographies. This achievement adds to a long list of recognitions by NIST, in whose evaluations we have consistently ranked at the top worldwide. Another excellent example of this leadership is the position achieved by Veridas in both the voice biometrics and combined facial and voice evaluations. NIST ranked Veridas as the second and first commercial solutions, respectively.

Veridas continues its commitment to be at the forefront of transparency, auditing, and reliability of its biometric solutions. Just recently, Veridas became one of the first companies worldwide to perform a ‘Diagnosis on the ethical principles of Artificial Intelligence’ and has passed the iBeta PAD Level 2 evaluation for its liveness detection technology.