Biometric technology firm Aratek is slated to showcase its new flagship product Marshall in SDW, the UK's biggest identity-related trade show.The Marshall brings true and secure biometric “identify-anywhere” to many different use-cases with its built-in printer and seamless integration with various FBI-certified fingerprint scanners such as FAP20, FAP30, or FAP 45.”Government identity is a rapid-growth industry that's seeing a lot of innovations. We look forward to being in SDW to show the UK market our recent innovations that are sending ripples of excitement across the industry” said Samuel Wu, Aratak's Vice President for Sales – International Business Department.According to Wu, his company believes the demand for solutions that allow users to perform secure identification and authentication from virtually any location will become even stronger.”The idea of secure 'identify-anywhere' has always been the holy grail of government identity. And Marshall just made this a reality by integrating registration, matching, printing, and other functions into one portable module which can be deployed practically anywhere,” Wu noted.Wu adds that that this secure “identify-anywhere” capability strongly positions the Marshall for use in financial services, social welfare distribution, voter registration and authentication, census, SIM card activation, and mobile Time and Attendance management.Aside from the Marshall, Aratek will also put on display its formidable lineup of biometric terminals, scanners and modules in Booth S111.SDW runs from June 11-13, 2019 in ExCel, London, the United Kingdom.