Veridas, a company specializing in developing biometric solutions for digital identity verification, has created a free Buying Guide. In it, Veridas seeks to offer help to all those companies and institutions that want to improve and digitize their customer and user registration process, to provide them with all the elements that, in their opinion, are key and should be considered to evaluate an Onboarding technology and make the best possible purchasing decision.


Not all identity document verification technologies release the same number of artificial intelligence algorithms on a document to verify its authenticity and ‘read’ it; nor are all biometric facial recognition engines equally accurate; nor is the design of all flows to verify a person’s identity smooth and offer an agile and comfortable user experience.


Therefore, not all vendors are equally prepared to fight fraud, nor do they treat sensitive data under the same standards. This Buying Guide leads, in detail, through all the technological layers that make a Digital Onboarding process excellent.


Among the conclusions and recommendations mentioned in the Guide are the following: set common evaluation standards that certify the level of accuracy of solutions under the same conditions, strengthen fraud detection in the field of identity document verification, or prioritize manufacturers with fully automated solutions and proprietary technology.


In addition, the Guide is accompanied by an evaluation tool, a comparative table with all the elements (categories, topics and questions) that are key to comparing potential digital onboarding providers and, thus, making the best purchasing decision.


Veridas has performed more than 60 million identity verifications for clients worldwide. It has been operating globally since 2017 in sectors such as Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications, Mobility or Public Administrations. In addition, its biometric engine is

regularly subjected to the highest international standards, is considered one of the best in the world by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).