The US Marine Corps has released an information request on a biometrics-enabled 'Identity Dominance' system that would replace its current structure.In documents released on the Identity Dominance System (IDS) 2 program, the Marine Corps Systems Command wants to explore sources for portable systems to collect everything from voice and gait data to DNA samples.Currently, IDS collects fingerprints, iris images, facial images, and biographical data and additional imagery, including “name, age, height, weight, birthplace, nationality, scars, marks, and tattoos,” according to Marine Corps documents.”As Department of Defense (DoD) biometric technology and employment matures, and as global collection of biometric samples expands, the DoD realizes an unprecedented capability to positively identify, track, and locate persons of intelligence and security interest.”The army says that “to support IdOps and achieve identity dominance for expeditionary and naval forces, the future biometrics collection and processing equipment needs to be smaller and lighter than the current system, while at the same time providing increased processing power and speed”.