Tascent has announced the availability of Tascent M1, the latest addition to its family of Tascent Mobile products. Delivering high performance fingerprint capture in a compact and rugged modular device, Tascent M1 works seamlessly with a wide range of Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets, leveraging both the OtterBox uniVERSE Case System and Tascent's mobile app and SDK to enable an intuitive, single-device user experience.M1 is designed to deliver new levels of usability, flexibility, and price-performance in mobile fingerprint enrollment and identification. A compact and cost-effective complement to the powerful Tascent MX, M1 works with the same Tascent Mobile App and SDK that have enabled a wide range of mobile biometric solutions in national and civil ID, public safety, KYC, and enterprise identity applications.”As we address our customers' rapidly evolving biometric identity needs, Tascent M1 offers a uniquely desirable combination of outstanding biometric performance, consumer-level usability, and the ability to deploy integrated identity solutions on the most widely adopted Android devices,” said Grahame Saunders, Head of Identity Management Solutions at NEC XON, a leading provider of custom ICT solutions and security services in South Africa. “We are excited to collaborate with Tascent as we deliver transformative identity solutions throughout Africa.”Tascent M1 is rugged, efficient, and designed for performance in a wide range of conditions. It provides FAP 30-certified non-optical fingerprint capture in an ultra-slim form factor that meets IP65 and MIL-STD-810G ratings for ingress and drop protection. Connected directly via a USB Type-C port, M1 is extremely power efficient, drawing power from the mobile device yet enabling all-day usage without significantly impacting battery life. And, in support of a single-device user experience, it offers passthrough charging using a standard USB cable.”With Tascent M1, we've sought to address the need for cost-effective, standards-compliant biometric capture that can work cross-device, cross-generation on a wide range of consumer smartphones and tablets,” said Filip Franczyk, Product Manager at Tascent. “Working with the OtterBox uniVERSE Case System and Samsung Galaxy devices, we can deliver outstanding performance, flexibility, and value to our customers.”Tascent M1 works across OtterBox's expanding uniVERSE Case System line with support for multiple Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab generations. “OtterBox has set the global standard for performance and versatility in mobile device protection, and we're proud to enable next-generation enterprise solutions for establishing and verifying identity in conjunction with Samsung and Tascent,” said Ronan LePoupon, VP of Otter Products Commercial Division.