Iris biometrics firm IrisGuard has revealed enhancements to a refugee welfare disbursement process it has developed in partnership with UNHCR and Cairo Amman Bank.The EyeCloud project has provided a means for Syrian refugees in Jordan and elsewhere to access assistance without the traditional approach of having to queue for items outside an aid agency.Enhancements to the project mean it will now rely exclusively on UNHCR biometric registration data for enrolment in financial assistance programme. This eliminates waiting periods for enrolment in the banking system. By making full use of biodata gathered during the registration with UNHCR, this innovation will allow cash machines to “talk” directly to UNHCR's biometric registration database verifying the refugee's credentials in the blink of an eye, without the bank needing to re-verify those identities. UNHCR will also now expand the EyeCloud service, to allow other humanitarian agencies to use the biometric system to provide refugee assistance. The new platform protects all biometric and personal information through the UNHCR secure encrypted database and network.”Everyone wants to make sure that the money entrusted to us is used in the most effective manner passible, and more importantly addresses the needs of the refugees. Often we believe we know best, but in fact, financial support allows refugees to choose what is best for themselves and their families in a dignified manner,' Andrew Harper, UNHCR Representative for Jordan. “The effective EyeCloud financial inclusion platform permits the UNHCR to securely and efficiently authorize unbanked refugee populations to withdraw financial subsidies with ease, dignity, safety and respect, directly from ATM's on the street, without a pin or a card. The EyeCloud platform is designed to extend financial inclusion for large populations of unbankeci around the world.”, Remarked Imad Malhas Founder & CEO, IrisGuard.