Gemalto has been chosen by the National Police Board in Finland to supply the country's new ePassport, which will enable secure and faster border crossings. The new travel document has advanced security features and is fully compliant with ICAO requirements. Gemalto says it is already responsible for Finland's polycarbonate electronic ID (eID) and resident permit cards. Under the new multi-year contract the firm will produce and personalise hundreds of thousands of Sealys ePassports and eID cards each year. These will be issued to citizens within days or even hours, via a nationwide network of trusted retail outlets and delivery points. Finland was the first country in the world to introduce polycarbonate material for secure documents in 1989, as well as the first passport with a polycarbonate data page a few years later. This latest evolution of its ePassport incorporates numerous advances in fraud protection. In line with the ICAO and European Union requirements regarding security and privacy, the holder's digital photograph and fingerprints are stored safely in the contactless microprocessor that is embedded in the passport's polycarbonate data page. In addition there will also be some unique security features such as the Sealys Window Lock where a negative ghost image is laser personalised into a metallic foil hidden in a transparent window. This unique technology makes a simultaneous manipulation of the document holder's portrait and ghost image after issuance of the document impossible without leaving visible traces. "This is the third generation of Finnish ePassports, which underlines our commitment to providing citizens with the full benefits of electronic and polycarbonate identity and travel documents," says Minna Gråsten, chief of License Administration at National Police Board. "Gemalto's proposal met all our key objectives for robust security, rapid fulfilment, and high quality citizen services, as well as extensive artwork consultancy.""This new contract further strengthens our long-standing relationship with the Finnish government," says FrÉdÉric Trojani, executive vice president of Government Programs at Gemalto. "Finland is at the forefront when it comes to continuous innovation towards more secure identity and travel documents to help fight identity fraud. This is especially important in our new international context, and we see a growing interest worldwide to adopt the most advanced polycarbonate technology."