Integrated Biometrics (IB), the world leader in mobile, FBI-certified biometric fingerprint scanners, revealed today that UK law enforcement agencies are now using IB fingerprint scanners to deliver services in more than a dozen areas home to more than 11 million citizens in England and Wales.From City of London to Surrey and Sussex, Lincolnshire and Lancashire, Cornwall, Merseyside, Northamptonshire and beyond, police have turned to mobile biometric identification to increase public safety, preserve the guaranteed rights of citizens, increase operational efficiency and manage the cost of the cost of the services they provide.UK police officers who have used IB scanners have come to love their power and mobility. Comments from police around the UK have ranged from, “They are really worth their weight in gold. A fantastic piece of kit!” to “I absolutely adore my fingerprint scanner!” and “I think they're an ace bit of kit!””IB fingerprint scanners contribute to not only increased public safety in the UK, but they save time and money for perpetually cash-strapped law enforcement agencies,” said David Gerulski, Executive Vice President of Integrated Biometrics. “Our extensive work with law enforcement agencies throughout the UK and around the world further demonstrates the essential value of biometrics in serving the public.”In remarks about the importance of biometrics in UK police work, Police Sergeant Dan Pascoe, former head of Surrey's Roads Policing Unit, said, “The use of biometrics can increase the safety of the public in several different ways, but probably the best one is the police being able to identify an offender straight off and know they are dealing with the right person.” Pascoe went on to say, “Biometrics also gives us some really good time-saving opportunities▀¬,” and highlighted the time saved when a suspect can be identified at the scene, thereby avoiding the need for officers to take him into custody and transported to be identified.In the UK and around the world, police are being asked to “work smarter” and to better leverage existing resources in the face of ongoing budget pressures. The kind of accurate, near-instant biometric identification made possible with IB scanners does exactly that, saving officer time and increasing their effectiveness. It improves response to everyday situations such as traffic incidents, when the injured can be helped quickly even when they can't provide detailed answers to questions. IB scanners also aid in eliminating the waste of Court time common in the past when suspects provided a false name or forged identification documents.