Britain has launched an ePassport trial for 12-17 year olds at Glasgow and Stansted airports, saying it could extend the capability on a wider scale depending on its results.Currently all UK ePassport gates can only be used by citizens aged 18 or over holding valid biometric passports.However, the two airports will this month allow 12-17 year olds to use the gates on a trial basis.The UK Home Office confirmed to Security Document World that there are between 3.4 and 3.5 million British biometric passports in circulation held by children aged between 12 and 17.Airlines including Ryan Air have been assisting Border Force with the promotion of the trial via various social media.”The initial trial is at Stansted airport (from 9 June) and Glasgow airport (from 4 June),” the spokesperson said. “The outcome of the trial will inform any decision about whether to extend the scheme more widely.”The spokesperson added that the facial recognition technogy involved is able to recognise a child's face, despite its continually changing features.During the trial, all children using the eGates must be accompanied by an adult. After being escorted to the eGate each individual will be processed using a single gate.Giving its reasons for the trial, the Home Office said that “The major benefit of eGates is the ability to process a higher number of passengers in the same time, therefore reducing queue times. ߪ The age of 12 is considered the minimum age at which most children could be expected to follow the instructions to use the gates without additional support.”