A ride-sharing app that is popular in the Middle East has decided to use a facial recognition solution being developed by a British firm.UK-based security company, Digital Barriers, has today announced that it will be providing facial recognition solutions to Careem, a taxi-hailing service with a higher market share than Uber in the Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan where it operates. The move comes as part of Careem's incentive to make ride-sharing in the locations it operates a safe process. Facial recognition powered by Digital Barriers will be used to verify “Captains” (drivers) in real-time and aid in background check of new recruits.Careem has selected the Group's facial recognition software and will now integrate it into their driver smartphone application to provide enhanced passenger safety and security, ensuring that the actual driver of the vehicle can be matched in the background in real-time to the authorised and accredited driver. Careem will also use the Group's facial recognition platform to secure the driver enrolment process. In combination, these applications will ensure that Careem can provide an unprecedented level of passenger security and safety across the ride hailing sector.Magnus Olsson, Co-founder and Chief Xperience Officer at Careem, said: “When customers rely on a ride-hailing service or any other mode of transportation to go from point A to point B, they are also placing their trust on the service provider for their safety and security. In our efforts to simplify people's lives in the region, safety plays an unprecedented role and the integration of Digital Barriers' facial technology will further bolster the confidence and faith our users have in the Careem brand.”The biometric technology helps us strengthen our relationship with our users further by providing them with the reassurance that every Captain's credentials are being monitored at all times through a sophisticated network. It also adds another important layer to our Captain screening process by ensuring that only those individuals with a clean track record are invited to become part of the Careem family.” Zak Doffman, CEO of Digital Barriers, said: “This represents the first integration of our facial recognition software into a mainstream commercial application, on a recurring revenue basis, and has demonstrated that the Group's solution delivers a better level of performance than other providers of facial recognition solutions, whilst maintaining a competitive price point.”