TrueID, with its expertise in the application of advanced biometrics for Identity Management would like to contribute its bit for the social cause by bringing out the fact that biometrics can help in effective law enforcement. Biometric technologies like Fingerprint, Iris and Facial Recognitions can be widely used to efficiently implement lockdowns in the community.From various corners of the world, we are coming across the violations from citizens with respect to the restrictions imposed due to lockdown. Most of the violations are done because the citizen identity is not known to the disaster response teams or the local police. There also arises a situation where key personnel working in healthcare, media, essential goods need special permissions to commute during lockdowns. In both scenarios, biometrics can help in a big way.If we have the biometric component (Fingerprint, Face or Iris) capture as the part of National ID program of a country, we can use that data to authenticate the key personnel travel and also helps in identifying the people violating the lockdowns by using the facial recognition devices. This ensures the reduction in violations plus the swift movement of the key personnel in the times of lockdown.Live Facial Recognition with geo-fencing helps to monitor the people in quarantine. It can be programmed in such a way that if a person moves out of a set boundary, an alert is triggered. It also helps to monitor temperatures and to maintain social distancing.”We wish the global pandemic comes to control at the earliest possible and would recommend the usage of biometrics to fight the Corona Virus Outbreak globally”, said Mr. Ch. Chandra Sekhar, Director at TrueID.