ImageWare Systems, a provider of identity management software, has received a biometric authentication patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office entitled, “Conditional and Situational Biometric Authentication and Enrollment.”This patent grants ImageWare the exclusive rights for the following capabilities:Capture biometrics on any device (kiosk, camera, fingerprint scanner, microphone, iris scanner or station) based on the situation and environment.Enroll on one device and then authenticate on any other device.Enable organizations to require one or more specific biometrics (face, finger, iris and more) based on conditional security requirements.Conditional authentication using biometrics is the only way to provide true identity “federation,” according to the press release.Federation is the concept of allowing a person's identity to follow them from one business to another, or one platform to another, without needing to create new login credentials, according to the press release. ImageWare makes federation possible through its patented digital identity platform.The technology allows a person to create a digital identity using biometrics and be able to use this to identify themselves on any device, according to the press release.”Our central mission is the promise of anonymity, which does not disclose personally identifiable information (PII) throughout the journey of authentication,” Kristin Taylor, president and CEO of ImageWare Systems, Inc., said in the press release.