Toshiba plans to include a fingerprint reader for biometric security in its new E-Generation range.The firm has said the E-Generation range is designed to protect businesses' data with advanced security features built in. These Features including a touchpad with an in-built fingerprint reader called SecurePad, and an IR-camera for face authentication through Windows Hello or Intel Authenticate”The launch of our new E-Generation devices further demonstrates our ambition to provide the fastest and most powerful laptops for professionals on the go,” said Maki Yamashita, Senior Vice President, PC & Solutions EMEA, Toshiba Europe GmbH. “We understand that our users' working patterns are continuing to evolve, and so we aim to provide laptops that offer them the same performance, regardless of where they're working from. Our latest range will provide a mix of high performance, security, mobility and connectivity – and is ideal for today's business user.”The X-series units offer an ultra-light design with the PortÉgÉ X20W-E being 15.4mm wide and weighing just 1.1kg, whilst the 15.9mm PortÉgÉ X30-E weighs only 1.05kg, and the Tecra X40-E is just 16.9mm thin and weighs in 1.25kg.These units also come with a sleek magnesium chassis, complete with honeycomb design for enhanced device strength and security. All of Toshiba's devices have passed rigorous and independent HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) which simulates three years of use, to ensure reliability and durability to withstand the pressures of everyday working life.