Iris specialist firm Techshino has launched a cloud-based open development platform called 'Eyekey' that is aimed at individual developers and enterprise users.Techshino says that EyeKey provides on-line app development service for multiple biometric identification technologies such as face, iris, voiceprint or fingerprint for individual developers and enterprise users.”Based on more than 10 years experience, EyeKey owns high-accurate biometric algorithm and matching clusters with powerful processing capacity. We offer a variety of open APIs and SDKs to developers and companies for different development environments and biometric cloud applications,” writes the firm.The company also this week joined the Biometrics Institute, saying: “We look forward to working with industry peers and better serving our clients for their biometric needs”.In March, Techshino announced that a Chennai-based Indian company, Applied Data Logix (ADL), had adopted its iris recognition identity technology to bolster its tea pickers time and attendance management solution.Techshino's monocular iris module TCI311 met ADL's simplicity requirement and passed a stringent humidity test. The TCI311 iris module supports RS-232 interface and does not require an operating system to work. “We finally chose Techshino over another big player in iris biometric field. With Techshino working side by side with our hardware team, we felt we are in good hands,” said Koteswaran, the managing director of ADL. Deepening Techshino's links with India, Techshino Technology India Private Limited was established on 8 May.