TECH5 makes its latest T5-Finger SDKs, based on fingerprint recognition, one of the company's core biometric technologies, available for its partners and customers. The technology has proven its accuracy by demonstrating top tier performance in various tests, including MINEX III and PFT III.In December 2020, the TECH5 fingerprint recognition algorithm was benchmarked second most accurate in the NIST PFT III test – a fingerprint technology evaluation exploring the performance and accuracy of proprietary fingerprint templates as used in one-to-one matching. TECH5's technology has also shown the fastest template comparison time of all vendors participating in all databases used in the testing, as well as one of the smallest biometric template sizes.”High results in NIST PFT III, the latest NIST evaluation for fingerprints, demonstrates TECH5's commitment toward continuous investment in research and development. We are constantly improving our biometric algorithms and platforms, as well as touchless capture and recognition technologies, to make sure that our customers and partners are equipped with the latest and greatest products” – says Rahul Parthe, TECH5 Co-founder and CTO.TECH5 will use its latest T5-Finger technology for all company's products, including the T5-ABIS identification (1:N) platform, the T5-MBAP verification (1:1) platform, as well as its latest innovation, T5-IDencode, for digital credentialing.