TECH5, an international multibiometric solutions company headquartered in Geneva, and ID R&D, the award-winning biometric solutions provider offering AI-based voice, face and behavioral user authentication and anti-spoofing capabilities, announce their first joint biometric deployment as part of a strategic relationship that will extend the companies' geographical reach and increase competitive advantage through collaboration.The initial deployment is an eKYC solution that provides citizens in India with secure mobile access to essential government services. The solution combines TECH5's market-leading and NIST ranked face recognition and active liveness detection with ID R&D's ISO 30107-3 compliant passive facial liveness detection for two configurable layers of anti-spoofing, ranging from moderate user interaction to no effort.The unique solution enables strong authentication and the highest level of security with varying levels of liveness detection on mobile devices as well as server-based solutions. With proven deployment success, the combination of technologies from ID R&D and TECH5 is now offered as a ready-to-implement service for Government entities and the private sector.”The combination of both our companies' strengths in top tier biometric technology as well as advanced liveness detection services, resulted in a winning proposition” commented Rahul Parthe, Chairman and Co-Founder of TECH5, “and we plan to extend our cooperation by including ID R&D's award-winning voice biometrics offering in the TECH5 online and offline suite of authentication solutions.”For ID R&D, the partnership expands its geographical presence in regions where TECH5 has demonstrated success and a deep understanding of the market. The companies expect further collaboration in India as well as Africa, Asia and the Middle East.”This relationship draws on two strong teams' collective geographic, vertical and technology expertise to drive mutual growth opportunities and market advantages,” said John Amein, SVP at ID R&D.As companies and consumers adapt in the midst of COVID-19, biometrics vendors are experiencing a surge in demand for technologies that enable effective digital identity management and contactless authentication in a world where social distancing, remote working and online transactions are the new normal. The joint project win in India illustrates how Biometric vendors can best position to quickly address changing market conditions. Together, ID R&D and TECH5 offer a flexible and robust platform that provides choice and applicability to newly developing use cases.