Biometric development company BioSec Group Ltd. has integrated a 3rd party body temperature detection system into its BS GateKeeper biometric physical access control solution.With this step, the company aims to support the fight against coronavirus (COVID-19) by identifying potentially infected people automatically at access points before they get in touch with even more people. This latest solution ensures that only entitled people with normal body temperature can enter the given facility, preventing virus transmission. Instead of mass scanning, BioSec can provide individual body temperature scanning in combination with access control.With the integration of the body temperature detection system into BioSec's palm vein recognition based physical access control solution, biometric authentication and body temperature measuring happen simultaneously. BioSec can also ensure completely contactless access control with its “Triple” product line, where the client can choose among three versions to install the device from contactless, finger rest only and full hand rest versions, which can be changed at any time by simply adding or removing parts of the terminal.The combination of automated access control and the fever detection system enables a highly secure, simple to use and contactless solution, where there is no need for human interaction, unlike most solutions. In case the system detects high body temperature, it will be signalled to the staff and access will be denied. The body temperature measurement solution uses two devices and an algorithm based on artificial intelligence.The solution has a black box providing the reference temperature at the access point and a camera, which measures the body temperature with an accuracy of +/- 0.3 °C. “This is a really challenging time for everyone, which we are trying to make easier with our own tools as much as we can.Besides securing people's environment we would like to also protect their health and do our best to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. That's why we integrated a fever detection system into our BS GateKeeper access control solution, so we can help to recognise potentially infected people before they contact more people” said BioSec Group CEO PÉter Györgydeák.BioSec is working on to support people during this time with their solutions, adapting to their changed needs. From making access control more hygienic to ensuring secure remote work and personal authentication, the company aims to bring high security with hygiene to anyone in any place.