Tascent has received top performance marks in all categories in the US Department of Homeland Security's 2019 Biometric Technology Rally.Benchmarked against a total of 14 leading products, Tascent's InSight Face cooperative face recognition solution delivered the highest accuracy, highest efficiency, and highest customer satisfaction of all competitors, and was the only solution to meet all of DHS's goals for the evaluation.In its second year, the DHS Biometric Technology Rally sought to compare the performance of various capture devices, algorithms, and modalities in a realistic use case that mimics airline boarding or comparable high throughput travel facilitation environments. For each device under test, users representing a broad demographic distribution were instructed to walk through an 8-foot long capture zone, follow any instructions provided, and provide feedback on the user experience. The resulting facial biometric images were then compared against an enrolled gallery and assessed for matching performance.The DHS official test results, which refer to Tascent by team code name “Teton,” show that Tascent InSight Face delivered a 0.0% Failure to Acquire Rate, a 99.5% True Identification Rate, a 98.1% Satisfaction Rating, and an average throughput (“Efficiency”) of 2.7 seconds, including the transit through the 8-foot zone. These results were unmatched in any category by the other test participants. Official results of the 2019 can be found here.”We're thrilled to have the results from the 2019 Biometric Technology Rally validate our perspective that a biometric system can deliver on convenience, accuracy, user experience, and inclusion without compromise,” said Dan Potter, VP of Research and Development at Tascent. “With biometric authentication increasingly recognized as a critical technology enabler, this holistic approach to biometric performance will be crucial both for businesses and government organizations.”InSight Face, Tascent's fifth-generation high throughput biometric system, will be released in late 2019. It combines the award-winning industrial design of Tascent InSight One with a seamless “on-the-move” face recognition capture capability that works with individuals or small groups. As opposed to a surveillance or CCTV-based face recognition solution, InSight Face is a cooperative system that actively engages users to deliver an intuitive and welcoming experience.”Biometrics is already transforming air travel on a global scale, delivering new levels of efficiency, personalization, and convenience to airlines, airports, and travelers,” said Alastair Partington, Founder and Co-CEO of Tascent. “The level of performance and usability we're now seeing positions biometric authentication to disrupt not just air travel, but every industry that values positive customer engagement and streamlined customer experiences. We're excited for this new generation of cooperative biometric solutions to give individuals more options in how they choose to interact with organizations – securely, conveniently, and with confidence.”