Tascent has entered into a strategic partnership with Certis Group which develops physical, IT, and data security services in Singapore and throughout Asia.Together the companies will deliver biometric identity solutions packaged “as-a-Service” providing benefits such as lower cost of ownership, scalability to meet varying business needs, and access to strong identity for businesses of all sizes.Certis Group's new offering, Certis Identity Solutions powered by Tascent, will provide organizations with tailored identity solutions utilizing biometric enrollment, matching, and identification. Certis Identity Solutions delivers a convenient way for Certis Group customers to deploy biometrics identity in a broad range of applications – such as enterprise access control, payments, hospitality, and large events.”Biometric identification brings many benefits beyond enhanced security,” said Alastair Partington, Founder and Co-CEO of Tascent. “By enhancing traditional identity solutions with biometrics, we can help Certis Group deliver unprecedented convenience, automation, and personalization across next-generation applications – making lives simpler and easier.”Tascent will power Certis Identity Solutions with a complete biometrics ecosystem consisting of Tascent Enterprise Suite, its comprehensive, open-architecture biometrics software, and multimodal biometric capture devices, such as InSight One and Tascent Mobile. Tascent's solutions will enable Certis Group to produce identity systems tailored to their customers' needs.”We're excited to partner with Tascent to create secure, scalable and flexible identity services,” said Joseph Tan, Senior Managing Director and Head of Technology Services. “As a market leader, we're constantly anticipating our customers' needs and innovating to create world-class solutions – Tascent is helping us do just that. With Tascent's advanced biometrics solutions, we'll be able to expand our range of applications and deliver transformative customer experiences.”