The concept of HAND, founded by CEO Will Kreth, understands the takeover of AI well. While causing controversy for actors, other areas of the entertainment industry have embraced AI for the revenue opportunities and to offer a show-stopping “experience” like the ABBA Voyage.

Public figures will increasingly demand digital twins linked to their legal identity, says Will Kreth. In the future, the human and digital world will be intertwined, with real talent monetising themselves by licensing their digital twin.

The first keynote presentation on Day 1 at Identity Week America will introduce the arrival of the interoperable HAND (Human & Digital) Talent ID – the first global ID registry for notable legal, virtual, and fictional talent in performing arts & sports. In this interview, Will explains the talent identity provenance automation concept to our editor, Evie Kim Sing, which created a groundbreaking talent ID framework enabling reliable verification of real individuals, virtual counterparts, and fictional entities.

AI tools are used to create the Digital Twin likeness of the person used in commerce. Rights holders can register a “first use” with HAND as a related virtual talent instance or version of their real, legal person self.

In this interview we asked:

  • What aspects of innovation does HAND Identity offer?
  • Is data protection as important for virtual identities as it is for authenticating real people?
  • When founding the company or since, have you considered any precautions with this concept/technology to prevent it being misused across other sectors to verify false identities and fraudsters?
  • What industry challenges and themes will you address in your presentation at Identity Week?

Will Kreth

“All qualified HAND Talent ID records must have multiple attestations of authenticity –  based on linked-data citations, often manifest / demonstrated in the form of resolvable links to authoritative sources.”

Will Kreth | Keynote Presentation | Identity Week America 2023 

The presentation will discuss the need for the performing arts & sports industries to have interoperable identity standards, and for neutral, trusted 3rd parties to help provide 1st class Talent identifiers that have rigorous metadata attribution.

HAND is a member of 3 Metaverse Standards Forum groups (Oversight, the Standard Register, and the Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Identity working groups, and members of