Human interface solutions firm Synaptics has announced the newest PQI My Lockey USB dongles feature Synaptics Natural ID fingerprint sensors.The PQI My Lockey is used with Windows 10 notebook PCs that lack integrated biometric sensor implementation.Secure authentication is completed with a single touch of a finger, enabling fast PC access and the full use of Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport. Synaptics Natural ID solutions are FIDO Certified (Fast IDentity Online), providing broad compliance with an industry-wide ecosystem of products.”PC users today face uncertainties in privacy and personal data security, and fingerprint biometric ID is the simplest and yet complex protection mechanism one can have to safeguard their data,” said KC Tu, special assistant, PQI Product Division. “PQI is honored with the pleasure of working with Synaptics to co-create the PQI My Lockey. The My Lockey dongle offers the ultimate data protection due to special Synaptics features including unique algorithms to protect against forgery and unauthorized data access.””PQI understands that safe fingerprint sensors require SecureLink end-to-end encryption from the moment the finger touches the sensor all the way to the Quantum Matcher template authentication tool located on the host OS,” said Godfrey Cheng, vice president marketing, Human Interface Systems Division, Synaptics. “The Synaptics single-chip solution does not require an external microcontroller for handling the cryptographic functions and is fully integrated with secure TLS communication and 256-bit AES encryption. This is critical due to the rapid growth of online payments, combined with the need for protecting access to PC data for both businesses and consumers alike.”