SustainCo, awaiting name change to Universal PropTech, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Collaboration and Commercialization Agreement with Delta-X Global to bring their Proprietary Face and Temperature Recognition software technology, Delta-XTM Trust, to market.Facility owners and front-line workers are dealing with an extraordinary increased security and health risks of allowing and enabling the spread of viruses within their facilities without proper controls in place. Delta-XTM Trust's technology allows facilities to monitor the flow of people in and out of buildings and within facilities themselves. More importantly, the technology identifies when someone has heightened temperature readings and allow rapid response to contain illness.The Company intends to integrate the Delta-X Trust products into the building control systems of existing customers' and new prospects to provide a more holistic healthy building environment. Once the definitive agreement is executed, the Company will introduce the Delta-X Trust products to thousands of properties through its extensive list of previous and current sites.Delta-X Trust is a proven commercialized standalone contactless biometric access control and real-time data tracking system to provide secure authentication of digital interactions. Delta-X Trust innovates “identity and access management” (IAM) with the use of biometric and advanced encryption technology standards. in use in manufacturing sectors, healthcare industry, hotels, schools, hospitals and other public places with heavy traffic, Delta-X Trust products elevate data security management and disease prevention.”We are really excited to have access to SustainCo's extensive government, commercial and multiresidential customer base,” commented Derek Dlugosh-Ostap, Chief Executive Officer of Delta-X Global Corp.”The addition of the Delta-X Trust to our arsenal of healthy building solutions and services will broaden our ability to integrate PropTech into a wide range of risk mitigation solutions for customers, during this pandemic,” stated Chris Hazelton, Chief Executive of Officer of SustainCo Inc. “Our existing intelligent building technology continues to get smarter.”Among several commitments, the Company agrees to beta test the Delta-X Trust products with previous and current clients to develop go-to-market plans. Delta-X Global Corp. grants to the Company an Exclusive, non-transferable, sublicensable, license and right and to, directly or indirectly, to market, sell, distribute and install the Products to any of the Company's past clients, current clients and or new clients, and, as applicable, any respective Affiliate of any of the foregoing, including integrating the Products into its clients' and prospective clients' building control system, and providing services.