PARAGON ID, AMATECH and SPS have announced that they have entered into an exclusive, worldwide patent licence agreement related to the copper wire embedded inductive coupling technologies of the PARAGON ID group.According to this agreement, SPS will have the right to use these technologies patented by AMATECH, and notably the sole right to sublicense and assert the patent rights related to past and future deployed products on the market, particularly products based on wired antennas such as dual interface cards.The parties believe that the deal will contribute to further spread the use of the patented technologies, and thereby create additional value for the parties and their customers.Philippe Patrice, SPS President stated: "This agreement comes within the scope of our asserted global strategy of building and protecting our portfolio of technologies in the constantly growing contactless cards market, for the benefit of our clients and for the overall market itself."Clem Garvey, CEO at PARAGON ID stated: « We are delighted to further develop our relationship with SPS and the IN GROUPE in signing this important agreement. SPS is recognized internationally as a global leader in inductive coupling solutions and their adoption of our copper-wire booster antenna technology is a testament to the quality and innovation of our intellectual property in this field, for which we thank them. SPS will be deploying this technology in both Payment and e-ID markets, worldwide, faster and more efficiently than we might have done on our own, or with any other potential partner. This agreement will also allow us to concentrate our R&D energies and investments in further developing our world class IP and technologies for dual interface metal card products. »