Instant money transfers company, fintech, announced their partnership with Sumsub, an ID verification company with bank-grade security. Through this partnership, will fortify fraud protection and reduce user verification time down to one minute – all in efforts to support the 1,7 billion adults worldwide with no access to bank is a Warsaw-based global instant money transfers fintech that enables expats to send money to their home countries using local payment methods. already has 500.000 users who can receive money in 50.000 locations either through bank accounts, credit cards, e-wallets, or in cash. works transparently, because its users immediately know the transaction costs. To make these transfers more accessible, doesn't charge a commission fee for transfers to Nigeria, Ukraine, Brazil, and Turkey. To avoid delaying transfers due to lengthy customer verification, fintech chose Sumsub for its quick and secure Know Your Customer (KYC) service. Sumsub provides the right level of transparency and security for, singling out fraudsters and any money laundering attempts. Sumsub's checks consist of ID and biometric verification that usually takes around one minute to complete. Furthermore, Sumsub ensures that's onboarding routine is fully compliant with international standards, as well as with local regulations in the countries where they operate (and plan to operate).'Global expansion is not possible without top partners. reached 500.000 expats already and the scale of our business is gaining momentum. Thanks to Sumsub's proven technology of KYC we are confident that our clients receive the best possible solution for mobile money transfers. Sumsub allows's users to send their money under fully safe conditions wherever they are.'- says Evgeny Chamtonau, CEO of' does a tremendous job by making money transfers possible for millions of people faced with bank account inaccessibility or other financial challenges. We want to support their efforts by making sure their verification procedures are compliant with local and international laws and regulations. This way, can instead focus on reaching more people and markets going forward.'-Jacob Sever, Co-founder of Sumsub.