One of South Korea's largest banks, Kookmin Financial institution has confirmed that it will be the first to use the Galaxy Word 7′s iris-recognition technology for authentication.”Final-minute preparations have been underway to hyperlink our cellular banking providers to the iris-recognition functionality of the Galaxy Note 7,” stated a Kookmin Financial institution official.Earlier this year on the Note 7's launch, two other banks said they were piloting the technology.The KEB Hana Bank and the Woori Bank are reportedly working on apps that would be able to make use of the iris scanning feature on the phone, one of which is a feature called Selca Banking.For those unfamiliar, Selca is a term used in Korea to indicate selfies (“self camera”), so basically the iris scanner could scan the person's eyes as if they were taking a selfie to identify themselves.While KEB Hana Bank customers do not need authentication certificates for registering with the iris recognition system, Woori Bank will require its customers to have authentication certificates. Shinhan Bank, another major South Korean banks, is also considering whether to introduce the iris recognition system.The smartphone uses an IR camera module in combination with a proximity sensor to recognise when its owner is holding the phone up to his or her face (from 25 to 35 centimeters, or about a foot away).Delta ID's VP Business Development & Marketing, Vivek Khandelwal, told Planet Biometrics that “Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 with an iris scanner is a great validation of iris recognition becoming more mainstream authentication technology in mobile devices. We expect iris scanners to appear in more phones, tablets and laptops, since it is more convenient and secure, works reliably for people across age groups and occupation compared to fingerprints. In the near future, we will also see iris recognition being preferred for higher security use cases, such as mobile banking, payments, enterprise access”.