Swedish biometrics firm Fingerprint Cards have proposed Jan Wareby as a new chairman of the company's board.Meanwhile, Peter Carlsson, Michael HallÉn, Åsa Hedin and Tomas Mikaelsson be newly elected as Members of the Board.”Now that the Company is entering a new development phase, the Nomination Committee has pursued the objective of broadening competencies on and the versatility of the Board of Directors,” says Dimitrij Titov, Chairman of the Nomination Committee.”At the same time, we have increased the number of Board members, since we have concluded that the Company's development and the execution of the Company's strategy, focusing on new verticals, will benefit from a broad composition. The proposal that Jan Wäreby be elected as new Chairman of the Board is related to continued focus on technological development, to which Urban Fagerstedt intends to devote more time. Jan Wäreby's networks and experience of international marketing and sales are competencies that I believe are important for further developing the Company's global strategy”,