SmartMetric has announced that it has now received certification for its biometric card product for ground and air transportation from and into Asia.A regulation enacted this year required that any product being flown into and out of Asia with batteries must have the battery, the battery on any circuit board and then the final complete product with the battery inside, certified by an approved third-party testing and certification laboratory. Without this certification even moving batteries to our circuit board assembler was impossible.Each of the three separate certifications has taken approximately seven weeks per each certification. This cumulatively has caused a significant delay in our bringing our new SmartMetric ADVANTIS biometric card product to the market. We are excited that we are now able to take our product to our sales and marketing partners RedSys / ADVANTIS who in turn will now be able to offer our biometric credit and debit card product to their more than five hundred card issuing banking organizations around the world, said today SmartMetric's President and CEO, Chaya Hendrick.RedSys offers to banks around the world an EMV chip with a card payments software system that allows card issuers to issue credit and debit cards that work on the global payments networks run by Visa and MasterCard. The ADVANTIS card chip has now been built into the SmartMetric biometric card allowing the RedSys and the ADVANTIS teams to offer the SmartMetric biometric card solution to their existing banking customers as well as attract new banking customers who want a solid biometric card product turnkey solution.The RedSys ADVANTIS credit and debit card chip is used by some of the world's largest global banks. More than 1.4 Billion cards have been issued to date with the ADVANTIS chip. Now these banks will be able to seamlessly offer the advanced SmartMetric biometric card with the onboard ADVANTIS chip as an exciting new credit card product to their customers.