SITA and partner Indicio – leading providers in decentralised identity and verifiable data technology – have signed an agreement to bolster the deployment of digital identities for the digital travel credential (DTC).

Pilots of the DTC-1 have taken seamless travel one step further by simplifying the travel process, safeguarding privacy, security and global interoperability. The passenger’s personal information held in their passport will be available as a mobile-held digital credential. This solution does not currently replace physical passports but shows the future path of digitalisation to transform how we present our identities during travel. 

Having control over their data and consent will be extremely important to delivering a fully digital passport solution in years to come that different entities will need to check throughout the travel journey.

Jeremy Springall, SVP of SITA at Borders, said: “The adoption of digital identities will be the biggest technology breakthrough in the travel industry in decades. It will simplify the identification process at every step of the journey and open up opportunities for the air transport industry to fully embrace the benefits of seamless travel and the digital economy. SITA, together with Indicio, are proud to be leading the charge.”