Singapore’s Immigration Act is being revised to include new biometric provisions that will enable the automated clearance concept.

The comprehensive legislation is divided into 6 parts relating to the rules on admission and departure of travellers and includes a list of prohibited immigrants and procedures of entry.

Biometric systems have a place at all modern airport checkpoints, including bag check-in, immigration, and boarding. Making an automated decision confirming someone’s identity, biometrics have genuinely changed the way we travel, legitimating valid travellers to complete seamless journeys and excluding undesirables.

The proposed bill amendments will achieve greater digitalised and automated immigration processes to strengthen robust safety controls at borders, respond better to evolving challenges, and increase effective administration of passes and permits.

New end-to-end biometric-enabled processes mean that the Minister for Home Affairs is authorised to request passenger and crew information for the flight operator.

A unique token generated from identity and flight information held in the backend will be used to compare with live biometrics collected at airport touchpoints.