Singapore’s digital Singpass app is likely to become the more dominant ID used to register and vote in elections over the long-standing physical National Registration Identity Card, which was first issued in May 1966 to all Singaporeans aged 12 years old or above.

The Singpass app will be accepted at polling stations in the upcoming presidential elections, in a move towards a digitalised electoral system.

Voters can still opt to use their physical ID card when casting their vote on 13 September, 2023, however the government is encouraging adoption of the digital identity Singpass app which has greater capabilities to store data securely relating to 4.5 million voters.

Since 2021, the digital identity card has also been approved as a fundamental element to authorising services such as accessing public healthcare data, facilitating transactions and opening bank accounts.

While the Monetary Authority of Singapore has insisted on the use of the Singpass app for all transaction requests and ID proofing purposes, the physical national ID card remains in use as a token of citizenship for many and vital for applications for permanent residence status.

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  • Hannah Lim Ye Fen. Associate Professor, Business Law, Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
  • Shaowei Ho, Principal Product Manager Trace Together, GovTech Singapore
  •  Mar Vin Foo, Group Managing Director, SCAVAI Smart Mobility Consultancy

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