Blockchain-based identity management firm ShoCard announced an integration partnership with OneLogin, an Unified Access Management firm.In a statement, the firms said the integration partnership formalizes ShoCard and OneLogin's joint commitment to “providing a secure, seamless experience for OneLogin clients to adopt blockchain-based multifactor authentication technology”.Now integrated with ShoCard's enterprise-level product, ShoBadge, OneLogin clients can leverage biometrics, geo-fencing, mobility and blockchain for enhanced security and privacy. The new integration also enables OneLogin and ShoBadge users with seamless access to six-factor authentication for OneLogin's cloud unified access management (UAM) platform.”Officially integrating ShoBadge into OneLogin's offerings is a major step in establishing blockchain and mobile technology as the norm for enterprise identity management,” said Armin Ebrahimi, founder and CEO of ShoCard. “Username and password use is a four-decade-old concept that has remained largely unchanged since its inception. With the development of blockchain technology and the mass adoption of mobile technology, it's become essential to make the most of these forward strides in technology to increase security while making the user experience simpler.”ShoBadge is a complementary solution to SSO systems, and easily integrates into the OneLogin IDaaS platform for simple product deployment and minimal system disruption. Using the immutable blockchain as a means of verifying authentication data, ShoBadge inverts identity management to be controlled by each user and shared with the workplace. The technology allows employees to store their Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on their mobile devices and employ up to six factor authentication, including login management, access management, biometrics verification, geo-fencing, secure data exchange and blockchain validation.”Our partners are continuously finding new ways to innovate with the OneLogin platform and extend value of our platform to shared customers,” said Tim Gunderson, VP Business Development at OneLogin.