secunet Security Networks AG is expanding the network analysis segment of its IT security portfolio with a takeover of the Essen-based finally safe GmbH. Founded in 2015, this company specialises in creating transparency in IT and process networks as well as in detection and early warning of cyber attacks. secunet already had a majority stake in the company and is now taking over the remaining shares. The product portfolio of finally safe GmbH will be integrated into the existing product range of secunet in the course of the takeover."The technical expertise of finally safe GmbH in the fields of network analyses, anomaly detection, artificial intelligence and machine learning complements our existing product portfolio perfectly," explains Axel Deininger, Chairman of the Management Board of secunet. "We have followed the development of finally safe GmbH closely since the company was founded and are now moving to the next stage in order to further expand the Advanced Security Analytics Platform product and integrate it even more closely with our range of cyber security solutions. This step is consistent with our strategy of providing more solutions for industry and industry-related sectors."finally safe GmbH specialises in visualising communication within networks, achieving higher network resistance, and faster recognition of advanced forms of cyber attacks. The Advanced Security Analytics Platform early warning system can detect and analyse vulnerabilities and attacks on the network. It provides comprehensive protection against possible future attacks by closing security gaps and fixing vulnerabilities in good time, while also automatically detecting anomalies through continuous analysis of the network.