Entrust Datacard has announced that the company is continuing to see significant growth in the adoption of its driver's license solutions throughout North America. Recent awards bring the number of driver's license programs the firm has won to 25 states and provinces."That number is projected to grow as government organizations recognize the benefits of implementing personalization and authentication solutions that help mitigate fraud, protect identities, and demonstrate service improvements to their citizens," the company wrote in a statement.Entrust Datacard's driver's license projects cover a variety of card security and durability features including, laser engraving, advanced color printing technologies, and custom laminates that feature unique tamper evidence and unsurpassed adhesion."Entrust Datacard continues to leverage its vast experience in government projects around the world with our global partner and system integrator network to offer the most advanced technologies that help governments solve complex identity card issues," said David Belchick, vice president of government marketing for Entrust Datacard."Our solutions-which include best-in-class personalization, identity management software, secure supplies and support-deliver exceptional security and reduce fraud for government ID card programs including national IDs, travel documents, driver's licenses, smart IDs, healthcare IDs, and e-government applications. Faced with increasing rates of fraud, administrators of many driver's license programs are now transitioning to a best practices model for more secure solutions and technologies and they are turning to Entrust Datacard to help them through this process."Entrust Datacard also notes that its driver's license solutions conform to industry standards, including those from the American Association of Motor Vehicles Administrators (AAMVA), Real ID/Pass ID, European Union directives, ISO 18013 and more.