Russia's Sber's pay-with-a-glance tech will be available at Magnit stores.The new payment method is already available in ten stores in Moscow, Krasnodar, and Rostov-on-Don. These cover all formats of the Magnit family of stores. The company is set to add over 100 stores to that in Moscow and Krasnodar by June.Available to all customers of the bank who have activated the face recognition option, the pay-with-a-glance technology works at checkouts of a Magnit store that is testing the solution. Just choose the pay-with-a-glance option on the PIN pad and look at the tablet. That's it.”Biometrics isn't just another 'future tech' anymore, it's a part of our daily life. Now you can pay for groceries at your corner store with a single glance. We're happy to see how fast this technology is gaining in popularity. In less than a year, we have moved on from piloting the project in Moscow coffee shops to implementing it in retail stores in Russian regions. I'm certain that this is only the beginning and that this payment option will soon become more popular than paying with a card or in cash,” said Dmitry Malykh, director of the Acquiring Division, Sberbank.”The new technology makes it easy to buy goods without cash, a card, or a phone. Preliminary results show that the payment process has accelerated several times and now takes only 3 seconds instead of 34 when paying in cash and 15 with cashless payment. The decision on scaling will be taken once we examine customer feedback and the potential impact of the service on the business performance”, Eduard Iryshkov, director of the Retail Technologies Department, Magnit.