SafeNet Assured Technologies, a US based provider of government high assurance data security solutions, has announced that its Smart Card 650 v3.3c Token (SC650) has received certification from the National Security Agency (NSA) for use in defense networks when using an approved applet.The SC650 is a high assurance identification and authentication smart card that brings two-factor authentication to applications and networks where security is critical.The SC650 is the only certified secure, certificate-based smart card available today. It enables strong two-factor authentication and proof-positive user identification in all SECRET level environments. The SC650 securely stores users' credentials, such as digitally-signed certificates, private keys, and network login credentials and seamlessly supports secure key generation, secure key storage, encryption/decryption, and digital signature processing. The SC650 is capable of performing all private and public key cryptographic functions directly on the smart card, thus eliminating potential threats resulting from private key exposure. The SC650 contains a custom smart card ASIC developed by SafeNet Assured Technologies and produced at a U.S. based foundry. The SC650 is manufactured and supported exclusively in the United States to mitigate potential supply chain security risks.SafeNet Assured Technologies was recently awarded a multi-year, single award, $65 million infinite-delivery/infinite-quantity (IDIQ) contract for the purchase of SC650s. "We've designed the SC650 to meet the highest security standards, including FIPS 140-2, to ensure that access to the government's classified networks remains uncompromised" says Kirk Spring, President, SafeNet Assured Technologies. "SafeNet Assured Technologies' solutions provide the federal government with the most efficient and secure ways to protect their high-value information" says Spring.