The Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) has announced plans to develop standards for “next-generation” biometric authentication modalities including heart beats and brain signals, saying these could disrupt traditional modalities such as iris, fingerprint or facial recognition.KISA has established a research committee aimed at developing biometrics technology standardization that includes university hospitals and leaders from the telecommunications and the biometrics industry. The group will start work in May.According to a report in whowiredKorea, the research will be joined with Asia Biometrics Consortium (ABC) to focus on individual biometrics analysis, standardized mobile biometrics sensor interface, standardized bio-signal identification and protection technologies.There are also plans to transfer the technologies to the private sector for device and user certification for smart convergence security service by February 2018. The plan is for biometric certification technology to measure bio-signals through wearable devices and transmit them to smartphones.