Security products firm RX Safes has revealed a portable fingerprint-secured storage device that enables healthcare providers to securely store and exchange patient health records with other medical professionals at the authority of the patient.Called Rx SafeEHR, the device is a HIPAA compliant tool that aims to address concerns over unauthorized access to digital health records.The solution allows for the secure storage and transmission of sensitive patient information between healthcare systems, providers and patients, said the firm.”There is a huge data gap between healthcare services such as emergency room visits and the follow up care that a patient receives with specialists or family physicians. The Rx SafeEHR has been designed to directly address these issues and allow patients the ability to maintain a secure and accurate mobile health record that can be shared only upon their authorization,” commented Lorraine Yarde, Rx Safes Chief Executive Officer.This is the company's first Healthcare IT product and the device is currently in its testing phase. However, the Company expects to release the Rx SafeEHR in 2016 as part of a new initiative targeting the largest healthcare systems in the country.