ID R&D, a biometric solutions provider offering AI-based voice, face and behavioral user authentication and anti-spoofing capabilities, today announced that its ISO 30107-3 compliant passive facial liveness product, IDLive Face has been selected by Reconnect, a Public Benefit Company that is revolutionizing the criminal justice industry. The technology further facilitates Reconnect's mission to deliver modern monitoring technology that is designed to reduce incarceration, recidivism, and addiction.Reconnect is transforming outdated court-ordered monitoring that utilizes phone-based systems and bulky unreliable ankle bracelets to track location, mandated treatment attendance, and curfew. Reconnect replaces these systems, which restrict movement and make re-entry to society more challenging, with a mobile app and discreet ankle monitor. The solution is easier to use and maintain, more humane, and significantly less expensive which removes a huge burden for defendants who often can't afford the equipment leasing fees.On any given day, more than 155,000 people in the criminal justice system are under some form of electronic monitoring and with new initiatives to reduce inmate populations to curtail the spread of COVID-19 that number will rise.Reconnect enables supervised persons to check in with a selfie on a mobile app that uses GPS technology, face recognition for biometric matching, and ID R&D's passive facial liveness to quickly and frictionlessly verify the user's identity and location. The liveness check, which happens nearly instantly in the background, ensures the user is present and not spoofing the system with a photo or video.Prior to selecting ID R&D, Reconnect was using an in-house developed active facial liveness solution that required users to follow instructions including blinking. “Liveness is a critical part of the Reconnect solution, but it's not a core competency for us. ID R&D's best-in-class technology enabled us to improve accuracy and reduce fraud while eliminating the need for active participation by users, resulting in a faster experience and less confusion,” said Melih Onvural, VP Product at Reconnect.Reconnect is used by over 150 drug courts, probation, parole, and third party administrators across 31 states. The solution provides all the capabilities of traditional monitoring mechanisms without the cost, usability issues, or stigma and with features such as reminders designed to help people succeed and reduce recidivism. It also provides a single platform for the court to monitor their entire population of supervised participants.”We applaud Reconnect's mission to deliver a more ethical and effective form of monitoring while allowing courts to manage participants with less manpower at a lower cost,” said John Amein, SVP of Sales at ID R&D. “This is an excellent example of ID R&D's commitment to using the science of biometrics to deliver the ideal, frictionless user experience for authentication while also strengthening security.”