A group backed by the taxi industry that has lobbied against Uber in New York has created an ad calling for a requirement that all ride-hailing services carry out fingerprint background checks.The Upstate Transportation Association says the ad aims to highlight the dangers created by a lack of biometric checks.”Calling an Uber shouldn't be the same as calling a criminal,” said John Tomassi, president of the Upstate Transportation Association. “Any lawmaker reckless enough to let Uber avoid commonsense safety regulations will be putting their own constituents' lives at risk. Upstate New Yorkers who want ridesharing also want to stay safe – and the only answer is fingerprint background checks that keep violent criminals out of the driver's seat.”UTA's new ad will be running on social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and may also be used for a television ad buy early next year.Taxi drivers across New York State – and many other states – undergo mandatory fingerprinting because it is widely considered to be the best way to screen violent criminals.Uber, Lyft and other ridesharing companies also fingerprint their drivers in New York City under regulations laid out by the city's Taxi & Limousine Commission. However, Uber has consistently opposed a statewide fingerprinting mandate that would provide the same level of safety to upstate riders.