Gemalto and the SociÉtÉ de l'assurance automobile du QuÉbec (SAAQ) have been chosen to produce health insurance cards for the RÉgie de l'assurance maladie du QuÉbec (RAMQ). RAMQ delivers 2.3 million healthcare cards to citizens, and the SAAQ provides 1.7 million driver's license and identity cards through production with Gemalto. Gemalto says: "By choosing the SAAQ and its existing contract with Gemalto, the Quebec healthcare authorities can avoid duplication and promote sharing of expertise between agencies. The province can also leverage the existing infrastructure and issue both healthcare cards and driver's licenses at the same time, maximising cost savings and ensuring quicker delivery to their citizens."Gemalto says its secure card will be the first of its kind to undergo embossing and laser engraving at the same time. Gemalto will also provide the full implementation and maintenance of SAAQ's personalisation infrastructure. According to Gemalto, this enables the SAAQ and RAMQ to offer Quebec citizens a seamless and speedy renewal service when obtaining their new driver's license and healthcare card. "The unique opportunity to provide both healthcare cards and driver's licenses is perfectly suited to Gemalto's expertise with more than 20 years of issuing secure documents," said Steve Purdy, vice president of State and Provincial Government Programs, Gemalto. "Being the first to emboss and engrave at the same time provides more options to our customers who have legacy infrastructures for validation and allows us to provide a lower risk of fraud and stronger, longer lasting cards to residents."